Monday, June 22, 2009

mi padre

So yesterday was Father's day.

I have been thinking about my dad a lot. First I was thinking about what to get my dad for Father's Day. Then I was thinking about what card to get for Father's Day. Then I was thinking about the blog post I was going to write for Father's Day.

There was a lot of thinking, and a whole lot of nothing happening. But my father expects this of me...or he should. I am a master procrastinator. And no, I did not learn that from him. If I had picked up his traits, I would not be a procrastinator at all.

I wanted to write a big long post about all the things that I have learned from my dad, and the amazing life lessons he's taught me. For some reason, I keep thinking to myself, "Man, I must have gotten that _______ [insert trait/attribute/habit here] from Dad." Only, when I go to write it down, I can't remember what it is. But let me tell you, this non-existent list is getting quite hefty. Because, even though I can't remember; and even though we are so incredibly different: we're not really. He has taught me well. And as I grow and mature, I think I will be more like him. I'll just eat better.

As I was thinking about my dad the last few days, the main thing that just kept coming to my mind was: I love him.

I love him, a lot.

I just do. My dad is singularly, one of the greatest men I know. I love him. I love him. I love him. I just don't think that I say it enough. I don't think that the depth of my love comes across very easily. He is what I compare most men to. He is everything. Because he is the musician/farm boy/biker/nerd/business man/construction worker/athlete....all rolled into one. How awesome is that? He plays guitar, rides motor cycles, can build a house from the ground up, fix computers and all things electronic, plays basketball, and...he's spiritual. His background involves a turkey farm, tobacco farm, tractors and horses.

I don't know any other man that is as versatile as my dad.

On top of that, I love that he has truly taught me what to look for when I am looking for my own husband. It will be impossible to find someone with so many varied interests as my dad, but if I just look for the basics...I think I will do alright.
  • Someone who loves the Lord. My dad served a full-time mission for the Church. He served in bishoprics and elders' quorum, and all other manner of church callings. He prays and reads his scriptures. And he is worthy to hold the priesthood - the power of God. I have never been turned away when I need a blessing, because he has always been worthy.
  • Someone who works hard. My dad has always had a full-time job. It didn't matter whether or not he was in school full-time too, but he has always worked. On top of that, he has worked side jobs all my life. Whether it was fixing toilets, finishing basements, roofing or painting a house, building decks, etc. He used to referee basketball (awesome!). And on top of all of that, he worked on his house, too. Doing all of that and more. He's always on the go, and always working to provide for our family. There is nothing more commendable than that.
  • Someone who loves his family. Not just his wife and kids - though he is particularly devoted to us all. But his mom and dad, brothers and sisters. My dad's family has taught me what a true family is. To be there when it counts. To sustain and support whether emotionally, financially or physically. I have been so blessed to be a member of his family - and I am so grateful that he has maintained those ties and relationships with his family members so that I could grow up with knowing my aunts, uncles and cousins.
So Dad, even though this post is a day late (two, if we are on Ohio time) I just want you to know that I love you and that I am thinking about you. And I appreciate you.

You are my hero. You are my example.

Love you,

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  1. Shelli, a very nice tribute to your old man. I am very proud of you and love you very much.



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