Saturday, September 19, 2009

Murder Mystery Dinner

Meet Mercedes Accelleratti

I know that I am uploading a lot of pictures for this small event - but, I don't think that until you've actually worn thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, you realize how much FUN it is.

So anyway, my good friend Colin invited me to joing him at a work party/Murder Mystery dinner. I was told that I needed to dress in a toga and so Roberta and I had a lot of fun coming up with costume ideas. Turns out, her costume jewelry is legit - real diamonds, rubies, gold, emeralds, etc. I wasn't complaining. I have to say that I can't really pick a favorite. I LOVED the earrings. I LOVED LOVED the necklace. And I spent the majority of the evening staring at the icing on my finger that just so happened to be a ring in the shape of an alligator. Complete with ruby eyes and an opal (or some other stone) tail. It glittered like nobody's business and I couldn't help staring. Roberta also added the belt, the AMAZING Roman broach things - which couldn't have been more perfect. And of course, Becca contributed without knowing it - the t-shirt underneath and the sandals. Wala! A toga, that was ritzy and glam without paying a penny. I was super excited about the whole thing.

Meet Mercedes. Now, it turns out that my character DID try to poison her husband, Flabbius - who in fact, happened to be dead. Apparently, he was seriously lacking in the manhood department. No wonder he died. And even though she did have an affair Ben Hymn who was fast in and out of his chariot. AND, then with Maximus. Who was putty in her hands, except when it counted. He wasn't terribly bright, but he possessed all he needed to keep her happy, satisfied and also the brawn to overthrow the empire. Don't worry, though, it seems that no one was innocent in this thing. Turns out, everyone wanted Flabbius dead.

After a few hours of attempting to read the script, being called a slut or whore the whole time, all while eating dinner - we ended the game. It was my first Murder Mystery dinner. Over all, I thought it was pretty fun. I think it would have been better if we had all stayed in character the whole time and actually attempted to have conversations that led to us revealing our clues, instead of just reading them from the paper. That is easier said than done, of course, but I think it would have been well worth it in the end. Although, as you can see from the above paragraph, sometimes the way they worded things was priceless - and hard not to repeat word for word.

Also... Colin is a pretty good date. We always have a good time - even if that means that I don't get points for my How to Score a Dude course. (Apparently, Colin doesn't count towards their grading scale.)

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