Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tennis with Lauren

Typically, when I try something that I am not good at or something that is hard, I am in the habit of giving up. I just like to be successful. I like to be an "expert" at what I am doing. For instance, I am an expert at reading. Not that I read classics or profound literature...but I like it, and I am good at it. So I read. I am an expert at sleeping. I can sleep whenever, wherever etc. So I typically sleep from 3am-10am or something like such as. And maybe throw in a nap outside or something.

But I am not good at tennis.

I recognize this but it doesn't stop me from enjoying it so much. It's almost as if one good return or one good point is enough to make it not matter that I lose every game, set and match against my opponent. Who happens to Lauren Eckern. Who happens to be one of my good, good good friends. It doesn't seem to matter that she is more skilled with the racket, she continues to play with me. And even though I am no challenge to her, she still seems to have a good time beating me enough to play again instead of finding someone who will put more pressure on her.

Although, I have to put my excuses on here for just a second. Once those groundskeepers showed up, it was very distracting. Not that Harry, Scratchy and Baby were attractive or distractions like that (trust me, Lauren and I have run into legitimate distractions by way of half-naked soccer players... try serving with that in your line of vision!) - rather, it was just the fact that they were there watching us play. Terribly. Lauren sucked it up and played with the sun in her eyes the whole time. I think it was so that she could use at as an excuse when I did actually win. And so that she wouldn't crush me worse than she did.

I can't wait until we play again next week!

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  1. fyi i like your picture you have up there right now... is very cute!!


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