Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In which she proves that she is not nearly as talented as her mother...

My mom is very talented - or as I was thinking in a Scottish accent just now, "verra talented" - when it comes to lots of things, but right now I am discussing cakes. My recent adventures with decorating cupcakes made me want to make more and to have fun experimenting with different tips and different things my mom has attempted to teach me over the years.

I'm not even close.

For some reason, I can't ever get the frosting consistency anywhere near to where it is supposed to be. It's usually so runny that the Crisco and the water start separating. This is not good for any sort of decorating purposes. Even when I think I have it close... I don't.

I can never get the cake out of the pan. So my cake usually looks like this:

Yup. That's yummy looking.

And by the end of it all, I get frustrated that my roses won't turn out (have I ever been able to make a rose? No. Does that keep me from trying? No.) And then I just get bored, because everything I want to do, I can't actually execute.

So then my cake looks like this:

The important thing is that in the end, it usually tastes fine. Good even. My mom did teach me how to bake a cake properly (one box + good timing = deliciously moist cake ((p.s. if you can come up with a better word than moist to describe a perfectly cooked cake that isn't dry, I'll give you bonus points))) and the frosting's flavor is never really off. It has been, but this time it wasn't.

In the end, I'm always looking something along the lines of this:

Wondering why I even bothered to decorate the cake in the first place. Next time, I should just buy the frosting with the rainbow chips. I feel sorry for my children.... they are going to have ugly birthday cakes.


  1. Well, it does look a little...interesting.

    But, to be fair, it's just the green things on top that look like your mom didn't do them. The blue border, the white pattern on the sides, and the green around the bottom all look REALLY good. I'm super impressed. I didn't know you knew how to do that.

    See, and you're in good shape, because kids don't usually like green things, they like BARBIE! or CARS! or DINOSAURS! or PINK! or something, so it won't even be a problem. On the contrary! Do those side-edges in the colors your kid likes. Then, like 2/3 of the top can say HAPPY BIRTHDAY [CHILD]! and then you can throw some plastic crap in a corner, and then your kids will have awesome birthday cakes. Because rainbow chip frosting doesn't do neat bottom borders and top borders and sides, you know?

  2. i like to use cookie cutters and just make a small indent in the frosting and then trace and fill in... vwahhhlah!!! (however when you don't have many cookie cutters to choose from, all cakes end up looking the same!) also, get that gel stuff and you can make cool pictures on there... its just when you free hand that things look silly.... silly or not, it still looks good and is better than i can really do!! ~ i've made a few cakes for different things.. i wish i had pictures now. i made one for cristys bbq and one for moms birthday and maybe one other one... but they turned out okay!! (obviously my standerds for myself are much lower when judging my own work compaired to others!!) i just need to buy me more cookie cutters!


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