Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where My Girlfriends At?

Becca and I have stumbled upon a bit of a problem. When we organize events, we like to try and have even numbers of guys and girls. That way, guys can't complain about it being a "sausage fest", we don't get annoyed with girlish drama and couples don't feel isolated.

While planning a recent activity (recent as in last night) we realized that the smaller we tried to make it, the more the girls got cut. Apparently, we are lacking in girlfriends among our most intimate of social circles. Most of our very best girlfriends have either gotten married, had babies or moved out of the state. The few that were left were working or out of town.

In the end, it worked out fine. It was fairly even. But the whole time I was wondering, "Where my girlfriends at?" It made me really miss those that have taken off in the past year or so.

Not that I don't love my guy friends. I mean, really.... it's a non-issue that we have more guy friends than girl friends. To me, this is preferable. Guys are hilarious, and they smell really, really good. And they're fun to cuddle with. And give good hugs. And make me laugh, a lot.

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