Friday, May 28, 2010

Open Bookshelf

I have a small, pleasantly full bookshelf sitting in my room. It is one of my favorite things. I love that I have books. Not so much when I move...but any other time, I really love that I have my own library. I've read 94% of the books that are on my shelf. There are just a few exceptions where I haven't gotten to them or I had to stop reading them because they bored me to tears or because they are text books. Regardless, I love them.

I love them so much that I often say, "feel free to borrow _________ when ever you'd like." And then I realize that no one seems to like the same books I do. With the exception of my text books and few travel books, small bit of classics, Latin dictionaries, etc. I have a very specific taste in novels and they litter my bookshelf. I think they are very attractive. All matching and organized by author and genre. But others do not really like the idea of my books.

My bookshelf also finds itself to be full of the same author. I love finding an author that I can trust. One that will deliver each and every time. And when I do, I tend to go crazy and buy all the books that that particular author has put out.and that is what my bookshelf reflects right now.

I wish I had a bookshelf that were bigger and fuller of different things. I would buy more classics. I would definitely buy more church books. I would complete my Outlander series. I would have room to fit the 20 odd books that I accidentally won on Ebay yesterday for so cheap... all by the same author. Actually, I could probably do all those things if I had more money, not necessarily more space on my bookshelf.

Regardless, I am always open to sharing my books, if anyone is interested.

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  1. so typically i find authors who don't have a ton of books out, or perhaps maybe a series (hunger games, harry potter... and those end), but the one author that I did end up reading a ton of her books was Jodi Piccoult. I love her style. I would loan them to you, but I loaned mine out and never got them back... anyhow, I highly recommend "Keeping Faith" or "My sister's Keeper"


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