Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maimed and Falling Apart

A few days ago, I burnt my mouth. Yes, my whole mouth. Well... the roof of my mouth, especially favoring the left side. It's been tender and sore ever since, so eating other hot foods has not been pleasant and every time I brush my teeth and floss, the roof of my mouth bleeds.

It's kind of gross.

To add to the gross factor, I have no less than 15 bug bites on my legs, one in the crook of my elbow and a few on my foot. They itch, but I have been trying to ignore it. My two-year old hydrocortisone plus (from WalMart) cream, which has been stored in my car and so it is fairly melty, has not been doing a great job. I continue to apply it to the bumps.

I've also been applying it to the random rash that appeared on my left hand, third finger (yes, that finger). It's bright red with a long New Hampshire-shaped blister on it. It itches like a mother, hurts when hot water touches it and is a general nuisance when trying to do anything that requires that finger to touch my middle finger. I assume it is poison ivy. I am counting my blessings in the fact that it hasn't spread. Having poison ivy between your fingers (and toes) is probably one of the worst place -- other than the obvious places -- to get that itchy rash.

To add to all of that, last night when slicing up a red pepper, I sliced my finger as well. With a little pressure, some cold water, Neosporin and a band-aid, there isn't very much wrong with it. But it did hurt last night. The flap of skin is still attached, and it really isn't that deep.

The funny thing? I had just been joking with myself about having fingers wrapped in the enchiladas. I guess I knew that I wasn't cutting the vegetables in the best way possible, but I couldn't be bothered with switching it up -- until I almost lost a finger.

So putting everything together was complicated that I couldn't get my left hand fingers involved too much because I wanted to keep the poison ivy finger out of the mix. And the bleeding finger on my right hand had to be kept elevated and separate too. I was doing everything with seven fingers. Because without the ring finger in the action, the pink is pretty much worthless, too. It was pretty ridiculous.

Today, the cut is looking pretty good, and my other finger isn't itching as bad. The roof of my mouth seems to be healing as well...

Lucky me.

In better news, I got my plane ticket for Scotland! There had been talk about going to Ireland too, but we stuck with Scotland. I'm pretty excited.

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  1. Shelli! take better care of yourself!
    my recommendation: go to bed for a few days and wake up when everything feels a little better! also, chocolate and maybe a mom to bring you meals and say the occasional "there, there."
    you poor thing!


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