Monday, July 25, 2011

My Friend, the Pool

The Neighborhood Apartments finally opened up their pool. I've lived here for almost a year, and I didn't actually believe that the pool would ever be open, but I did call a few times... (ok, like four times) and kept asking what the status was. I thought they were just trying to give excuses and were probably going to put it off until next year or something.

But no. On Thursday I got a text from my roommate, first one and then a few hours, another, that said "THE POOL IS OPEN!"

I was sooooo happy, and a little bit surprised and definitely skeptical. But when I got home from the Relief Society Activity that night (we made Halloween cards for the juvenile detention center to send out to family members in October) there was a sign that said that the pool was open!

I happily went and jumped in. Not literally, at first. I'm more of a gradual enter-er.

I've been to the pool everyday (except Sunday) since. And it has been glorious. And I even have a tan. Ok, not a tan. But a tan line! And I smell like chlorine and sunblock. And I wish I were in the pool right now! The pool is a bit small, and it is still really slippery -- Do not lean up against the wall, or you will find yourself unceremoniously on the bottom of the pool and inhaling way more water than you ought to.

On Saturday, we went and bought noodles and rafts. And I hope that they are still there after the summer rainstorm that blew by tonight (ruining my plans for a night swim).

I don't think I have been able to enjoy a pool this much since I was younger and my mom bought us pool passes to the city pool. My sister and I would walk there and spend the entire day over there swimming happily for hours and hours. Even when our lips were blue and the lifeguards were yelling at us to "please leave!" we refused.

There are some songs that still remind me of the days and hours we spent at Troy City Pool. Every time I hear Collective Soul or Savage Garden I'm immediately back to the adult swims where we sat at the edge of the pool waiting to be able to jump in, or at the ghetto snack bar getting licorice ropes or snow cones.

I'm so glad that I have a pool available to me again, and I can't wait to go swimming tomorrow! Eeek! I just love the summer!


  1. Hello, swimming in the rainstorm was the best. It was pretty cool. The noodles, balls and rafts are all there... except I forgot to take mine so I need to put it in my car and take it over. Love that pool.

  2. I want to be there!!!... I was just thought of the hot tub. October. 2am. Spying. Then a walk =)


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