Saturday, July 30, 2011

Druggies, Rats and Diseases (Dream)

I was in Central Park with a friend of mine. We were playing kickball or some such field game when I met a guy. There were instant sparks. We flirted. There might of been a piggy back ride. Maybe a lingering kiss or two. And then I realized I had lost Megan. I told my new guy friend that I had to find her because she had never been to Central Park and would surely get lost. We must have said to meet at the car if we got separated, but as I was approaching our car (It was my roommate's purple car, again, which has appeared in my dreams before) when two grizzly men came upon me. There were obviously high on something, and I was afraid and so I quickly climbed into the car and tried to find the auto-locks. Unfortunately, the locks were manual, so I quickly took to task of locking them. One of the guys managed to get a door open, but I pushed him back and locked the door.

My friend came up and I tried to get her into the car without also letting the scary druggies into the car, but she was acting so weird. It was clear that she was also high. I was terrified. So I started the car (the keys were in the ignition the whole time) and drove away.

Later that night, I ended up at a little lounge where someone was celebrating their graduation from a technical school. She was a bigger, black lady and when she was explaining how her program would guarantee her a job, her tongue shot out the same way a snake's does. I listened for a while, then turned to the outdoor patio with pretty twinkling lights, and admired how pretty some of the girls who attended the party were looking. Many of the girls were people I knew in high school and people I know from my current ward. We were all dressed up in very pretty cocktail dresses. I was in an ivory, lace dress.

My friend arrived, and there was no evidence that she had previously been under the influence. She was looking very pretty and had brought a male friend with her, she introduced me to him.

One of the guys from work comes up the stairs and told me that I had a visitor. I went down the stairs, and the bottom floor of this building was my office (here in Utah) and there stood Colin.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, my eyes flashing.

"I'm in town, I thought I would come to visit you."

I rolled my eyes. I told him how I had tried to get in touch with him these many months and nothing. Why did it seem important to see me now? He had no answer. I sent him away.

He left, but he also left his phone behind. A fancy smart phone that looked more like the EVO, but what I kept calling his iPad in my dream. I debated as to whether or not I should bother with it, but it was New York City, and if I didn't take it, I was convinced that he would never get it back.

So I picked it up and carried it off, thinking that one day I would see him again and I could return his phone.

I wasn't completely sure where I was going, and I knew I needed to find Megan or a subway. I followed a group of people down the steps, hoping I had made it to the subway, only to find myself in the bottom of a dilapidated apartment building. Most the walls were down to the framing. A few homeless people had set up old mattresses and sheets to partition off their space. As I passed they looked at me with crazy eyes.

I followed the people until we reached a stairwell, but as I approached, I could hear the sounds of hundred and hundreds of rats.

"The stairwell won't hold us. And you'll disturb the nest!" I said, a little shakily. Still, they tried to get up, the the stairs were rotted through and could not support any body weight. I turned around and a girl who looked as though she had been burned by hot oil caught my eye. I gasped.

"What's happening to me?" She asked. Her skin turning redder and redder. She was fighting the urge to scratch as her damaged skin.

"It must be from the rats," I said apologetically. "We've got to find a way out."

At that moment, the stairs broke under the weight of somebody trying to escape. The nest of rats had been disturbed, and so the maimed girl and I took off running. We managed to find a small perch, that looked more like a crawlspace, we deemed it safe and we climbed up. Twenty or so people climbed up after us. We watched as the river of rats ran their course on the ground below. It was dark, and no one seemed to have cell service in order to call for help.

The girl's skin continued to flame up, and we all felt helpless. But the more her skin irritated, the more bristly she became. She began to yell at people and beat them with a club she had found. They finally kicked her off the platform and made her sit on the floor. The walls and columns were still buzzing with the sound of rodents, but we figured that if we didn't disturb them, we would be fine.

It's then that I remembered that I had Colin's phone. I pulled it out, and while there was no cell service, I happened to notice that he had just been looking up articles on the very skin disease that the girl below me was suffering from. As I read the stories of ladies who had been cured by the disease, I opened my mouth to speak to her but someone hit me and I dropped the phone and my own purse.

Not wanting to leave the safety of the platform, I tried to reach for it, but couldn't. A girl beside me took to task by using an elaborate contraption she made out of string and bobby pins, got the phone back up but not my purse. We watched as the girl on the floor slept, and her skin began to lose the angry red.

"I think it calms down if she isn't mad or scared," I explained to her.

"Then we best not wake her," my new friend stated.

We decided that we couldn't stay on the platform for the rest of the night. We had to get back above ground. So, without disturbing the sick girl, we decided to find the stairs that we had used to enter this underground rat palace.

We slowly climbed from off our perch, not wanting to disturb any of the rats, and made our way back from where we came.

And then, I woke up.

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