Wednesday, February 08, 2012

History of Roommates

I was reading a blog earlier that mentioned that she had stopped counting the number of roommates she had had when she reached 65. SIXTY-FIVE roommates! That is a ridiculously large number, I thought, but then again, I have moved many times and I had no real idea of how many I've had and how many was a lot. After my calculations, 65 is still a LOT of roommates.

In the past seven and a half years, I have had 29 roommates. I'm counting my Aunt, Uncle and cousin in most of this because I lived with them for several months.

Out of these 29 people I have lived with, the stats are these:

  • I am friends with 20 on Facebook
  • I am related to 4 -- 1 being my sister
  • Only 2 of them followed me (or I followed them) to a different apartment
  • I've completely lost track of 4 of them
  • 12 are married
  • 4 are/were divorced
  • 1 is engaged
  • 1 absolutely still hates me
  • 4 are over the age of 50
  • 7 have children*
  • 2 were from different countries (Venezuela and Russia)
  • 7 are from California
  • I was a bridesmaid for 1 of them
  • I attended 5 weddings
  • I attended 8 bridal showers, co-hosted 3 of them
  • I've met the parents/siblings of 13 of them*
  • Went home with 6 of them*
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with 4 of them*
  • Walked in on / overheard a make-out session on 4 of them

*Not including my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin

There have been times when I didn't want to go home because of roommate situations, but over all, I have had pretty good roommates. Considering some of the other horror stories I have heard, mine are fairly tame. And there are some roommates who are now my very best friends and I can't imagine that ending any time soon. Hopefully, we'll be the kind of friends that get together every few years, no matter where we end up, and force our kids to be friends and we'll keep on making memories.


  1. this is a fun post. I might have to copy you and do a roommate history myself.

  2. so this cracks me up... and i've had over 30 roommates. Like Dee, it seems a little scary to count and detail, but entertaining too...


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