Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Conquering Celery

Remember this post? Remember the numerous Facebook status updates on how vile celery is? Get ready to be amazed!

For the past few weeks, I've been having cravings for some celery. But every time I've gone to the store, I've turned up my nose and walked right by. First, the price for celery has increased. Second, they were all looked pretty disgusting (i.e. wilted, brown, spotted, rotted, etc.). But today, I stepped into a new grocery store and there they were, freshly sprayed, glistening in the produce aisle.

I took it back to work, washed off three ribs, slathered them in the secret (i.e. key) ingredient and walked down to my desk where I greedily ate all three without flinching, without dry-heaving, and without throwing any of it out! (Except the really, really stringy parts that I couldn't deal with.)

Now, don't get mad. Let's look at the positives: I was craving celery. I ate celery. I liked the celery. There was green onion in the secret ingredient.

Ok, fine. I admit it: IT WAS A GREEN ONION CHEESE BALL! I filled the little crevice of the celery stalk with green onion cheese ball and I do not feel bad about it. It was so good.

Now, it has taken me since September to get to this point. I've bought celery a few times before, and never been able to finish the whole thing and I didn't enjoy the few pieces I did eat. But now things are going to be different.

I sort of can't wait until lunch tomorrow.


  1. bahahaha what isn't good with cheeseball... that's kind of like how i'll eat pecan pie (or any pie i hate) if it's smothered in whipcream... mmm whip cream


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