Wednesday, September 05, 2012

All the Possibilities

I go through phases with online dating. Mostly I hate it. Or maybe not even mostly. I hate it. But, even I have to admit that you get some pretty good stories out of it. You really never know who or what is going to come out of the wood works when you post your profile and a few flattering pictures online, and let strange men from around the country filter through.

If you are lucky, though, you get stuff like this:
hey there, im mike, I just moved to Provo. I came across your profile and like it, wow you're really cute. I'm passive towards my past girlfriends , so I'm looking for a girlfriend that is dominant or controlling. Are you like this? 
Or even better:
Hi I know this is very random and out of the blue. But I was wondering if you are into crossdressers at all.
I have been very interested lately in trying find someone who shares the same interest as me. But I was online and noticed you where so I thought I'd give you a shout out.
I think it would be fun to have someone to get all dressed up with, since there isn't really any places for crossdressers to go in Utah. Haha.
Anyway. Sorry if I come across as crazy. I know it's pretty odd. But if you're interested I'd love to hear back from you. :)
My favorite is this compliment that I got yesterday:
Random but ur gorgeous lol sorry 

 It really does amaze me, like, blows me away, that the internet has been a place where normal people have been able to find their future spouses. Although, now that I think about it, we don't know how normal they really are. Maybe their seemingly perfectly normal marriage started out with a message like one of these...

But really, can you blame me for hating online dating? When stuff like this seems to be my only options, it becomes a little more depressing than actually amusing.

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  1. Oh, online dating. I love it. Life was so colorful when I was online dating. Embrace the crazy, Shelli.


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