Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Foot Conclusion

My dad is convinced that one of the reasons why I'm still single is because I blog. The following picture will probably only help his argument, but I just think it is too funny.

But let me explain first.

At the beginning of August I fractured my foot. I didn't realize it at the time, and I don't really know how I did it, but I have a pretty good guess. At the beginning of August, I was home in Ohio playing at being an assistant photographer for my good friend Holly's wedding. While doing that, I happened to be crawling on a few granite walls and jumping onto my bare feet on the hard cement. (I couldn't very well be doing that in heels, after all.) That was nearly seven weeks ago.

By Monday (two days after the wedding), my foot was swollen and painful. By Wednesday, I was hobbling around. There was no end to the puffiness.

By week four or five, I had had enough and went to the podiatrist. At first, he couldn't find anything wrong with it. So he sent me home with a compression sock and anti-inflammatory pills.

I happen to be leaving for Hawaii in three days (!!!!!!!!) and wanted to have some clothes to take with me. So while I was wearing this sexy compression sock (see above) I was also hobbling around the mall. Do you see this amazing outfit? I look like a total tourist of the Hawaiian islands. All I'm missing is a sun visor, fanny pack and binoculars.

On Labor Day, my doctor called and told me that he had rechecked my x-ray and had found a hairline fracture in my first metatarsal.

Since the swelling seemed to only be aggravated by wearing heels and wedges (I kept trying to make that work for me), I wasn't too concerned. But as my trip to Hawaii neared, I was a little bit worried. Bones take at least eight weeks to fully heal. Again, I'm only almost to the seventh week. So I called the doctor and he told me to come in and get a boot.

I didn't like the idea of wearing a boot. It seemed too dramatic for a hairline fracture (and that's saying something, considering it's me...) although, everywhere you read, "a fracture is a break, and no less severe." And, once you start wearing one, you can't just take it on and off, or it can reverse the good that it does when it is on. Besides that, I went to the office and played Goldilocks.

I tried on the Large boot, and it was much too big. I tried on the Small boot, and my little toesies hung over. I needed a Medium for it to be just right and the office didn't have one, and it would have to be ordered from California. The admin lady said that it would probably be in the office in two days, but it turned out to be yesterday.

By yesterday, I could see the veins in my foot. There is nothing more than a slight, dull ache. It's obviously gotten better. And there's no way I'm wearing a boot for the next two weeks, seeing as how I'll be playing tourist in Maui in three days (!!!!!!).

So, in conclusion: I broke my foot. It's getting better, and very nearly almost there. I'm not wearing a boot because my bones heal themselves. And I'm going to Hawaii.

Sans khaki shorts, Hawaiian shirts, and compression socks.

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  1. Most boys don't read blogs... I think you're good


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