Friday, September 14, 2012

The Tooth Fairy

There have been a few posts on Facebook about the Tooth Fairy visiting certain little kids today, and it made me think about my own experiences losing my baby teeth.

The first tooth I lost, I happened to be in Utah. My tooth was extremely loose, and I was nervous that it would hurt, so I refused to pull on it. I wiggled it plenty, but I didn't want it to actually fall out. We were in town for a family reunion (or funeral) and my uncles teased me relentlessly. My Uncle Allen and my grandpa chased me around my great grandparents' house with pliers and I was so nervous that they were seriously going to rip my tooth out of my face with pliers, that I hid in the bathroom and determined to remove the tooth myself.

My mom came in and helped me do it. It literally took seconds, because it was so loose from me playing with it the whole time, it didn't take much to get it out.

All that worrying for nothing.

The Tooth Fairy was extremely generous. I think I made something between $7 and $10. And that's because each of my uncles and my grandparents all contributed to the fund.

After that, though, I had a whole mouth of teeth, and there was just no way the Tooth Fairy could match what I had made in Utah. In fact, she never did come again. Or, I might have gotten an occasional quarter or so for a few other teeth. But she definitely wasn't consistent.

I guess the Tooth Fairy only has so much to give out, and if she happens to give it to you as an advance, you don't get any more, regardless, of how many teeth you have left.

It's funny how the Tooth Fairy allows for inflation. I swear that even though, after that first tooth, I was only getting nickels or quarters, my younger siblings got dollars. Real DOLLARS. Can you believe it?

I like some of the ideas that I have read online today about giving kids a gold dollar for their tooth. It's nothing extraneous or undeserved, but it is still special and not something that the kid would see on a regular basis. Perfect.

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