Monday, March 16, 2009

Stake Conference (March 14-15)

I've never been one to be too excited about stake conference - but this weekend was pretty excellent.

Our stake president was released, and with that brought Elder Jensen (who, consequently also spoke at the Draper Temple Dedication) and Elder Sitrude (I have no idea how to spell his name, so it is spelled phonetically). Between the two elders and then our old and new stake presidency, conference was fantastic.

Some key points from my notes:

Elder Sitrude -
"Suffering is a part of life - but misery is of our own making." Basically, we have a choice to be humbled or to harden our hearts during times of tribulation. We should trust in the Lord - and never blame Him.

C.S. Lewis said something along the lines that "God is forcing us on and upward...we do not see what He is making of us."

How to be unhappy:
  1. Confuse temporary with eternal
  2. Assume that righteousness means ease
  3. Compare ourselves with others
  4. Let physical dominate spiritual
Obviously, if that is the list on how to be unhappy and we are seeking to be happy, we should do the opposite of all these things.

Love can be taught.
The greater we love, the more lovable we become.

Ways to love:
  1. Be listeners - we all crave to be heard
  2. Serve - the greatest demonstration of love we can provide
  3. Understand and practice giving words of affirmation

Elder Jensen
How do we keep from getting burned out? Serving the Lord, keeping the commandments and doing whatever we can do will allow other things to fall into place. It's all about prioritizing. Success in our lives is based on our priorities and if our priorities are out of order - we will lose power.

"Every so often in life we get wrapped up in the imporant things in life that we miss out/foget the essential." - Elder Scott

There are three things that we need in life: Someone to love, someone who loves us and something to look forward to. I just have to say that I believe this statement. Life is meaningless without these three things. It is why I need to call my dad every once and a while to hear him say that he loves me. It is why I would do anything for my family members or my roommates no matter what inconvenience may come of it. And it is why I get so stinking excited about the little things in life. Everyone needs a little hope or a little something to look forward to.

President Ball - "The Lord isn't interested in our capabilities, but in our availability. If we make ourselves available, He will make us capable."

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