Sunday, October 11, 2009

Church thoughts and a plug...

Another inspirational Sunday with many things to think about. And many changes to make in my life. But, I'll just get the "plug" over with, first.

I was called to be the Family Search Indexing co-chair in my ward this week and attended a training meeting. Elder Jenkins, the guy who taught the Indexing training, reminded us that redeeming the dead is part of the three-fold mission of the Church (perfect the saints, redeem the dead and proclaim the gospel). Family history should no longer be just a hobby - it should be considered a sacred calling. And one that we are all participating in. Elder Jenkins told us that 80% of the people outside of Utah working on genealogy are not members of our Church. Asian families in places like China, Japan and Korea keep records that go back for centuries in a sacred box. If only we realized how important this work is that we are supposed to be doing. Indexing is a great way to If you aren't signed up, then go, do it. I am setting the goal to do 500 names by the end of the month. That is a bit excessive - but everyone should be able to do about 30 minutes a week (about 50 names).

Ok - Secondly, we had two really great talks in Sacrament meeting. They were both on talks given in this month's general conference (which I LOVED). But one of the guys mentioned something that I thought was really profound. I'm going to paraphrase.

When we look at the men in the Book of Mormon[, the Bible and the prophets of the Church] as great men who have accomplished really great things. When we compare what they've done, it's hard to believe that we could ever measure up. There is no way to do these miraculous, incredible things. But then we look at what they did. Lehi obeyed the Lord. Nephi obeyed. The brother of Jared made a plan and followed through with it. Enoch prayed. Alma abandoned an evil place. Alma the Younger repented. They all acted on faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. When we break it down, we realize that these men simply obeyed, prayed, planned and repented. How are these things different than what we have to do? They aren't. It is by doing these things - obeying, praying, repenting and acting on faith - that great things come to pass.

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  1. I. LOVE. THAT. No, really. I love it! AND: Indexing. Awesome. I also love it. Coincidentally, I love you also. And you wanna know what else? I bet anyone saying something after me won't say love as much as I did in this comment. :)


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