Saturday, October 03, 2009

Bowling at ISU

If you are planning on bowling at Idaho State University, there are a couple of things to remember.
  1. Don't expecct "customer service." The desk clerk will text on her phone, ignore the majority of your questions and only vaguely tell you about the scoring problems that are a product of the unnecessary smoke machine. Also - she wants to leave early. So even though she told you that the alley closes at midnight, it is really still open until 1 a.m. on the weekends.
  2. Brush up your skills on how to score a game of bowling. As mentioned above, the smoke doesn't only make the bowling alley creepy, it also screws with the lasers that help keep score. If you want your strike to count, you better know how to add the next two balls your bowl to your score and then what to do on the next frame. They provide scoring sheets at the desk - if you can get the attendant to spare a pencil, you are doubly lucky.
  3. The juke box is expensive, but it has A LOT to choose from. However, you have to be very careful about who you let choose the songs, and make sure you confirm which song you think you picked - otherwise there is a lot of weird stuff coming out.
  4. The neon balls look really cool in the black lights. Also, they are better than those offered at Troy Bowl.
  5. The ball return is ridculously close to the lane. So if you need a little bit of extra space - too bad. Also, hitting the pins on the right side of the lane is nearly impossible on the second turn. So make sure you take them out first. Aiming is equally impossible.
  6. CASH or CHECK only. Remember to write your student ID number on the check. (Honestly - who doesn't take credit cards now a days? Why don't they just invest in an iPhone and then they can download that app that will let them accept credit cards...**)
All of that remembered, you are prepared to have fun.

I certainly did. Even though, I am convinced that if ever I were to break a bone, it would be while bowling. My left middle finger always feels as though it is going to be ripped off before the end of the game. On a left-handed ball, the top right side hole will be deeper than the left side hole and visa-versa for right-handed balls. Unfortunately, no one offers left-handed balls and the curve of the right-hand versus left-hand really hurts! Do I sound like a baby? Well...I just want to see you right-handed people bowl with a left-handed ball and see what happens.

Anyway, the poor design of the ISU bowling alley coupled with the right-handed ball really hurt my second game. I bowled a 55. I'm fairly certain that is a personal low. The good news is that my first game started out immediately with a strike and had two or three after that (one double and maybe a fourth) along with some spares and otherwise high rolls. My goal is always to break 100, and I did a little bit better than that and got 115. I was still the loser...but whatever.

I like bowling.

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