Thursday, October 08, 2009

Loser No More aka I have a Job

Kevin Madsen & Associates, that is KMA Architects, had the privilege of interviewing me last week. They seemed to be impressed enough that they invited me back for a second interview yesterday and then told me to come in today for work.

So today - I worked.

I am excited and terrified and thrilled and concerned and all of those emotions that plays through yourself when you are starting something new. The only experience I have with building and architecture are looking at the blueprints and hanging at the drafting tables at Troy Lumber when my dad worked there many, many moons ago. On the other hand, I have lots of experience answering phones and working "technical" jobs (i.e. jobs that use a bunch of terms which I don't know the meaning and yet I still manage to get through the work).

I've only worked for four hours. So far, I love the lady that I am replacing. She trained me today. I'm already devastated that she is leaving. She is a grandmother, and yet has the cutest, girlish giggle I've ever heard. The guys that work upstairs all seem really cool and friendly. Kevin is my boss, and he seems genuinely great as well.

The position is daunting. Robyn has been doing the job for ten years, so she knows everything like she does the layout of her house. Everything is second nature. I don't think she'll be able to teach me everything in three half-day training sessions next week, and then I will be on my own. One day I will be great at the job. It all seems do-able. It is learning it is that is the trick. The jargon is beyond me. And there are forms and processes and things that Kevin & Associates will need me to know immediately, and unfortunately, that will just take time. I wish there were a way to transfer Robyn's brain files into mine. Wouldn't it be great if our brains worked like Windows Explorer? Sigh.

Anyway - I am excited. And I feel like I will have MANY stories. Between the guys and the general contractors that I will be working with, there's bound to be. Especially since both Robyn and Peggy (the boss' wife and bookkeeper and subsequently my supervisor) asked if I were easily offended. I'm not. Apparently the contractors are characters, and I'm excited to meet every one.

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  1. Yay job!! ...Is this why the trip to Vegas may not happen??


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