Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little Flute Practice

So the video is nothing interesting to look at, but it is just me playing my flute. I brought it back to Utah with me the last time I went home because I wanted to pick it back up. I've been practicing flute more than stats, really... well, maybe it is about the same.

The first song is Come Thou Fount and the second it the first few lines of Claire de Lune. I'm not good at either, because I can't do really high notes and I can't do really low notes. And well, the counting throws me off and I can't sight read. There were more songs that I was going to post, but I'm too embarrassed to post just yet. Sometimes I play them really well, and other days I'm just off. I have a book with Harry Potter music and another with a medley of hymns. Those are hard because I don't really know how they are supposed to sound, and so a lot of the time I am making up the melody.

Ah, well... I'm trying to get better. C keeps threatening to sign me up for the musical fireside our ward wants to have (also, I'm hard-pressed to think of another ward that has more firesides than we do. I swear, last month we had one every Sunday. And they've already started it for after conference next week.) I tell C that I am not good enough to play in front of people, but she's a hard person to convince. However, I played the agency card, and I think she took the hint. I'll let you all know when I go public with my playing again...maybe in about 10 years.

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