Wednesday, January 19, 2011

15 Things

I read this blog and was sort of tagged..
  1. My guilty pleasure TV show right now is BridalPlasty. It is probably the absolute most disturbing, awful idea for a show, and yet, I am addicted. Watching these women battle it out through challenge after challenge so they can win a plastic surgery - among other prizes like celebrity photographers, florists, etc. - in order to be the "perfect" bride on their wedding day. They are amazingly dramatic and manipulative, and I am morbidly curious as to who these women conned into marrying them. Besides being manipulative, spoiled brats, they are also extremely insecure and just plain.... well, you know. It is reality TV. I roped my roommate into watching with me, and we like to see how or if they can bring down Janessa, master manipulator and godfather of the whole operation. I am still really upset I missed the newest episode.
  2. Chocolate covered raisins are my weakness. I love them. I can't pass them up. One of my roommates brought home a tub of them from Costco, and I'm pretty sure that it only took me a month to devour them all. They were delicious.
  3. I'm going through a Country music phase. Granted, I still only like my Country music, but I've been listening to it ever since I went and saw Country Strong. I loved that movie! And I loved the music more. I would have gone straight to the store to buy the soundtrack, only I looked it up first, and they totally ruined it! There is only one song each for the actors who actually sang in the movie. My favorite song, Give in to Me was performed by Garrett Hedlund and Leeighton Meester in the movie, is done by Faith Hill on the soundtrack! I'm ticked. 
  4. I want to move to Texas. Cowboys. Warm winters. Southern accents. History. What more could I want? I've never been to Texas. I hear it's humid. I don't care.
  5. The Orchid Affair comes out tomorrow. I can't wait. I'm supposed to be receiving a free copy - a reviewer's copy - in the mail, but I haven't seen it, and I'm pretty sure that if it isn't in the mailbox tomorrow, I'm going straight to Borders to buy a copy. I even have a nameplate (a signed sticky note) from the author to put in my copy. THIS author seems to like me. She even sent me a hand signed card. We have the same stationery. (Also, if you are at all into historical fiction, with a great deal of romance, you HAVE to pick up these books. Lauren Willig is a brilliant writer and her books have everything: mystery, intrigue, romance, action, wit, chicklit, history, etc. I love love love love the Pink Carnation Series. Read them. Go.)
  6. Rubio's is my new favorite restaurant. I could eat their fish tacos everyday. I would try, but I know I would be broke by the end of the week. If I could have Rubio's for lunch and Thai for dinner everyday, I would die happy. 
  7. I would choose a trip to Europe over a new car. Even though I really need a new car.
  8. I'm addicted to Bones. I've always known it was a good show, I've seen several episodes, but this weekend when I was dying*, I sat and watched a 48 hour marathon. I am in love with Booth. 
  9. I'm not really dying.
  10. I am > this close < to giving up on shaving. Have you seen the prices of razors lately? I can't afford that. I am a snob, and hate disposables, and the alternative is $20 for 6-8 razors. What the heck?
  11. I've given up on the dishwasher. My dad hates the dishwasher, and I am completely on his side. The dishes are never done when you use the stupid appliance. There's always the question of whether or not the dishes are clean or dirty. If they are clean and no one unloads them (I HATE unloading the dishwasher), then dishes get piled up in the sink. If the dishwasher is empty, but someone doesn't have time to put them in, dishes pile up in the sink. If the dishes are dirty in the dishwasher, then there are NO dishes for when you need them. It's so much easier to hand wash them and then put them away.
  12. I prefer a bar of soap to body wash. Soap makes me feel cleaner. Body wash is just frou-frou stuff that I use when I want to smell particularly good.
  13. I promised that after moving box after box of heavy books, that I was not buying books until I lived in a more permanent place. Since then, I have bought at least 10 books. I love books. I don't think I will ever be talked into electronic readers. I still have visions of my wall to wall library, and so I keep collecting. And my library is expanding! I have like, three new nonfiction books! I'm reading one - The Frozen Ice Trade - right now and loving it!
  14. In my mind, I know exactly how I want something tailored. I don't know anything about sewing or tailoring, and so the last (and only) time I tried to fix a shirt that I bought, I ruined it. Whoops. I do have a sewing machine, now, though, and so I hope that one day, maybe, I might actually be able to make something besides scrappy looking Christmas ornaments. 
  15. I don't close my OKcupid account because it is too entertaining. I don't check it very often, but when I do, it sort of cracks me up. I hate that I have an OKcupid account.

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