Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Water Phenomenon

I love my drinking water to be ice cold. Like, 31.9 degrees to the point it gives me a brain freeze if I drink it too fast.

I love my showers to be hot. To the point where I turn myself into a lobster, because my skin is literally red from where the water is hitting me.

So why is it that the bathroom sink always has the coldest water in the house; and the kitchen sink always has the hottest? I was rinsing out my dishes before I went to bed and nearly scalded my hands off, then turned around and was taking my meds, and my hand nearly froze off from the running water in the bathroom.



  1. I have always wondered this! And Cary thinks I'm gonna kill myself because my showers are so hot, the bathroom is steamed up in about 15 seconds

  2. Where is your water heater?

    In my house, the water heater is right right on the other side of the kitchen sink. So the water gets hot FAST because it's super close. The bathroom is farther away, so it takes longer for the hot water to get there. Of course the water hanging out in the pipes isn't going to stay hot like the water in the water heater. You know?

    Also, you can adjust how hot your water heater heats. (This may be wrong, but I think the recommended temperature is 118 F. Because actually it's better not to scald anyone, but that's hot enough to be hot, for most people.)


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