Friday, January 07, 2011

Dear Harman Apartments

We've been having a bit of a problem at our apartments.

Our parking lots, sidewalks and street have become a death trap of ice and more ice. Four of us went around collecting signatures last night, and not a one of was made it back inside without having almost totally biffing it. Luckily, we were walking at a snail's pace and seem to be very balanced creatures.


It seems that our property management company cares more about our rent checks than actually providing a safe, comfortable place to live. As we walked around, several residents mentioned that they had talked to the manager - or at least the girl in the office, who guards the manager as if she were secret service and he were in protective custody - and they say that they are not obligated to remove snow.


I'm not sure how they can justify sitting back and doing nothing while their residents are getting stuck and defying injury or death, or property damage, and they aren't responsible to do anything? It completely boggles my mind that they think it is in their right to make us responsible for clearing whole parking lots, when they really just don't want to spend the money in maintaining anything.

I did a little research, which is indicated in the letter above, and found that legally they are supposed to. Hopefully the letter does something. I can't imagine that 32 signatures isn't enough to do something. Not only that, but those were just the ones home and awake at 10:00 p.m. If we had gone sooner, or spent another day collecting signatures, I know we could've gotten more.

Furthermore, not a single person thought this was a bad idea. We got a lot of "Thank Yous" for doing this. So there you go. I'm taking civil action to get this changed, and I hope it works.

I don't think I can handle another snowstorm, knowing that I'll be trapped and dealing with ice for weeks after.


  1. Shelli,

    If they are BYU Approved housing, I think there is a system in place where you can complain to them. Either the Ombudsman's office or the housing office, but they may be able to help.

  2. Well done!! I'd also send a copy of that to the local city department that would handle rental/landlord stuff. That way, they are aware that there are issues you are trying to resolve with the property manager. If you send another letter to management of the property, then put CC on the letter and put who all you are going to send that copy to, including the property owner. You should be able to find an address on file at the city offices if you don't already know who it is. Legally, the property owner has to have safe living conditions for tenants. Good luck!! :)

  3. They DO care more about your rent checks than anything else. I am taking my real estate license class through Harman's and the owner talks about property management stuff sometimes.

    Take pictures of the ice while it is there. If nobody has pictures, it didn't happen.

    Consider taking them to small claims court. Even just for lost wages. You can win, and that will cause them to take you seriously. They use small claims court all the time, actually. The owner talks about it in my class.


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