Monday, January 31, 2011

Instant BFF(s)

Most friendships are the result of common interests, time spent together or some cosmic event that brings the two of you together.

Others are instantaneous.

I don't know how it happens, really. One minute you are being introduced to the person, the next you've realized that you've just met someone who is practically your soul mate. Who you can depend on no matter what, even though they've never proven otherwise. These friendships are abnormal - and awesome. And I've had at least three throughout my life.

Freshman Year - Jessica and Me
The first was my best friend for over 10 years. We met in first grade as "new students" to our elementary. Heywood took all the students who had attended kindergarten elsewhere, and had us attend a luncheon with the guidance counselor. Jessica and I were two of those students, and it seemed like after that, we were inseparable. For 10 years! That's a really long time, and sometimes I really, really miss her.

We did all sorts of crazy things - walking and riding our bikes all over town, dressing up or speaking in fake accents while we visited local establishments. Carrying dead fish around. We created secret hide-a-ways and forts in the woods behind her house. She had a penchant for finding the strangest things and turning it in to the most hilarious of treasures.

Becca, Kira, me and Ashley
When a friend of mine asked me to move in with her, I didn't think anything of it and immediately said yes. She was inviting another friend of hers to move in with us, who was also bringing her best friend with her. Ashley introduced me to Becca the day that she moved in, and then Ashley had to leave. Within seconds - literally, seconds - we were laughing and having a great time. I think Ashley was a bit stunned to find that her two stranger roommates became so close, so instantly, but Becca has been attached at my hip since the day we met until she left me for grad school in Scotland. I seriously miss her everyday.

Me, Aubs and Becca
Becca introduced me to two of my other very favorite people: Kira and Aubrey. I don't know if these friendships were instantaneous, but I can barely remember a time when they didn't exist. I certainly love them to death and hate that I don't get to see them nearly as often.

We celebrate our third anniversary - Becca, is that right? It seems like so much longer! But I remember by how we celebrated: Bear Lake and the Rodeo- this year, and it's going to be really hard when we are separated by half the world. :(

Cute Megan!
What inspired this post, though, is my newest best friend. Oh, Megan! We met for the first time going to see Country Strong with my roommate Melissa. It was a movie, so we only really talked to get to the movie and back.

But it was on Tuesday, when she came over to watch Biggest Loser at my apartment, that we decided we were best friends. Of course, saying it doesn't always make it true - except for in this case. We actually do have a lot in common, which certainly helps. From the point of where we are in our lives, to certain experiences, even to different health issues, we have so many similarities, that I'm blown away.

Also, I'm pretty sure that she is going to make me a better person. She seems a lot more forgiving, good-natured and more mature than me. In the six days that I've known Megan, I've found that she is also fun, funny, giving, caring, selfless, and just...awesome. I am so excited to continue you to get to know her and to hang out with her. It's just one of those friendships that were meant to be.


  1. You are seriously the bestest ever. I know we are going to have so much fun in the near future!!! Missed your face last night at FHE, but I hope it was nice to just relax. Happy one week anniversary!!!

  2. In the photo with Jessica, you look exactly like your mother. At first, I thought it was her.


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