Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Flirting with Verizon

Earlier in 2010, my sister texted me and asked me if she could use my phone upgrade. I was happily carrying around the Samsung Juke at the time, with no intention of switching and so I gave it to her, knowing that if something tragic happened, hers was coming up in the next six months or so. Then my mom lost her phone, and so she took Amy's upgrade, which was fine because I was still happily using my Juke....

.... until tragedy struck, and the center button broke, and I discovered that no one in the world likes the Juke but me, and they stopped making it and selling it and I was out of luck.

So, since July, I have been carrying not-so-happily, a cheap Verizon phone that I've hated with all my might.

That was to change this Christmas break. So I went to the Verizon store, looking to upgrade my phone. Finally! My mom's upgrade was ready for my use, and I was ready to take it. Only... they don't make phones like the Juke or the Motorola Slvr anymore, because everyone wants a QWERTY keyboard (why?) and a data plan (expensive!) and nifty other gadgets that I am either not interested in or can't afford. Sigh. When I told the first Verizon guy that, he laughed at me! He mocked my longing for my Samsung Juke, and expressed his disdain at the very idea of carrying around such an outdated phone.

I left the store empty handed.

But then, on Monday, I decided to try again and go to the little shack across from Kroger, that houses a Verizon "store." I walked in and of course, the shack is only manned by one person, and it was a guy.

A guy of my very particular type. Tall. Dark haired. Brown eyes. Beard. Stocky.

Also, easy-going, easy to talk to, funny, down to earth and smart (minus the whole smoking thing... smoking is NEVER smart. Just saying.) And he wasn't a pushy salesman, at all.

Huh. Who knew? Do those guys exist, anywhere in Troy?

I went in and told him my desire for a similar-like-Juke phone, and he did not mock me. But he did recommend a phone that so far has suited my needs, even if it has taken a bit of time to get used to. I had it picked out within 20 minutes (and yes, I suppose I should note that it is another phone that they no longer make, so if something happens...whatever).

Anyway, so while I was standing around waiting for my dad to text me information in order to authorize this whole thing, we talked. About BYU and Utah. About Mormons - lots about Mormons. He was talking about how we know what we are doing by using "sex appeal [on temple square]" because drawing in tourists by good looking girls is a very smart way to do business. Even if they are dressed super modestly.... I love it.

We also talked...

...about the fact that he's Jewish. (awesome)
...and gays.
...and school.
...and the economy.
...and sports - and how there aren't many LDS pro-players, but they're certainly no Jewish pro-players.
...and snow - and how I hate it and how he likes to ski and I do not.

And innuendo - like when he was transferring my pictures from my old phone to my new phone, and I asked him if he was looking at them, because he probably shouldn't just in case...

I liked that he asked me, "Can I be crude for a second?" And then decided not to. But then went ahead and asked anyway. (I didn't even know what he was talking about, which was funny in and of itself. You think you know everything about stuff like that, and then find out there is a whole-nother vocabulary list you've never heard.)

We determined that we were not dessert friends. (Um, anyone who just prefers vanilla ice cream and Twizzlers to cheesecake and Cold Stone....uh, false.)

And...and... and....

After an hour, we were still talking.

And then I left.

He should have given me his number. I should try to come up with a reason to call the shack, and ask him a question and then tell me to text me the answer. But I never know what to do in those situations! And it always takes me forever after the fact, to do anything about it. It's such a foreign concept to me.

But then, it doesn't really matter, does it? Because he lives across the country in a place where I only visit 2-3 times a year. Oh well. It was fun when it happened. And why is it that stuff like that always happens when I am not feeling cute at all? I had let my hair air dry. I had minimalistic make-up on. I was wearing my big, ugly coat. I did have cute shoes on, though. But I doubt that he even saw those...

No wait, he did...because he commented on me not wearing socks. And that was the last thing he said to me before I tripped out the doorway (smooth...I know) after having forgotten my keys on the counter. (Neat.)


  1. ahh, the Christmas flirtation. The one that makes you think there really MAY be a guy back home and maybe you were a bit too hasty in judging them all inadequate. They are better left a fun memory.

    Glad you got your flirt on, even if you didn't know it at first!

  2. Ha.. I love this story... I imagined it all like I was there!!


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