Monday, March 21, 2011

Homeless Leap-Frog

Today, one of our construction managers stopped by for a meeting and on his way out, he noticed a row of full garbage bags and a suitcase just sitting on the sidewalk. He called me over to take a looks saying, "Look what your boyfriend brought you."

The apparent owner of the stuff seemed to be walking down the block across the street, and when he saw Chris checking out his stuff, he took off running. We were puzzled by all the belongings left on the wet sidewalk, but assumed that he had been kicked out of his residence.

Of course, Chris makes a big deal out of things, so pretty soon, several of the guys were lined up at the top of the stairs asking questions and getting answers like, "Shelli's boyfriend just brought all his stuff because he's moving in with her. Honest. He told me when I asked what he was doing... He just kept mentioning 'Shelli'."

Apparently I'm to have a new roommate?

Even now, he is still bringings items to add to the pile. Steven wondered if he was playing a game of "Homeless Leap-Frog." Which, is in fact exactly what he is doing.

The stranger is probably a meth-addict, who recently was evicted from his residence, and currently does not have money to rent a storage unit or find another place to live. Chris went and found him down the block, called me and let me listen to the whole conversation. He's literally carrying his stuff, bag by bag, block to block until he reaches a storage unit that is a mile or so from here. He hopes by the time he gets it all there, he'll have enough for one-month storage rental.

I really hope that the guy is OK, but I am definitely glad that he's not really about to be my new roommate.

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