Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Vietnamese Tacos

If you want a party for your mouth that instantly makes you want to melt, then you want to eat The Cheesecake Factory's Vietnamese Tacos. When I was first recommended the tacos, the bartender told me that a lot of people don't like the steamed bun because they think the bread is soggy.

I can't get enough of the steamed bun (unless it is hard like it was tonight! *sad face*). The first time I tried it, it just melted in my mouth! The steamed bread makes it super soft and it absorbs the juices in the meat, almost marinating it.

Steamed Asian Buns with Roasted Pork, Marinated Cucumbers, Carrots and Onion with Chiles, Cilantro and Sesame Seeds.
 Aside from the description listed in the menu (above), I have no idea how to begin to make these tacos on my own. But I have to learn! Everything is seriously delicious on its own, but when you take a bite, the flavours blend so perfectly that the taco is absolutely mouthwatering!

Besides the flavour, the Vietnamese Tacos are the perfect dish because they are served on the Small Plates portion of the menu. Which means you get three tacos for $5.95, and it is the perfect portion size! You are plenty full after polishing them off - and don't even think about trying to save one, it's impossible! - but not entirely stuffed.

I obviously do not have a career in food photography, but even with my bad photographing skills, I hope you can see how truly amazing these little babies are! The perfect blend of flavours and textures make this the most appetizing dish I have ever had.
I crave these things, and it's no wonder as soon as you've had a bite. If anyone stumbles upon a recipe, please let me know!

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