Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LaConner, Washington

Roberta and I visited LaConner on recommendation from her brother, Chris. It was about 45 minutes away from where they lived, and to get there we took a little detour before getting on the right road - which allowed us to look at some really neat houses. Once we were on the right road, though, it was really amazing to see all the cute gingerbread farmhouses and tulip fields. Most the flowers weren't quite in bloom, but the lush green of what will be beautiful tulips (my favorite flower...or one of) in the next few weeks was exciting.

We passed one field that was covered in white geese.

LaConner is a quaint little seaside town with a ton of little shops. Roberta and I walked around and checked out the different boutiques, snapping pictures along the way. I think our favorite shop was the antique lighting store - who knew looking at all the different lighting fixtures would be so awesome? We also played a little with Edgar, the English Sheepdog puppy who was out of sorts because he had just had his first bath.

We stopped by the LaConner grocery store, where they said it was built in 1985, but their refrigerated section was being powered by something from the fifties.

We tried our hand at the lotto.

And we won!

We decided that it was time for dinner, so we headed to the LaConner Brewery. On the way back, Roberta was telling me about one of her many lovers who is particularly dirty and definitely wants her body. It was unfortunate timing, as an Orthodox Jewish man and his son passed us. I'm sure they thought Roberta was a complete whore - when in fact, she is as straight-laced as the rest of us. (Or should I say, as chastity-belted?) We thought it was fairly hilarious, though.

The restaurant wasn't necessarily something to rave about, but the quesadillas that Roberta ordered most certainly were. Pepper jack cheese is always delightful, but these quesadillas also had squash, cilantro, shredded carrots and chipotle sauce. They were fantastic!

We headed back home after dinner. Of course, we crossed the bridge and headed towards the unknown for a while, but once we got turned back around in the right direction, we stopped and saw the old log cabin (that was creepy, and open...).

It was an absolutely beautiful day the whole time we were at LaConner and we both had a really great time.

I didn't spend much time in Seattle, because I had a plane to catch. But Roberta and I checked out the Pike Street Market and had lunch at Cutters. Roberta was convinced that the waiter was totally "checking me out" and "flirting with me." I am convinced that she still had traces of her pain pills in her, clearly affecting her judgment. She thought he was holding back because he thought she was my mother. We get that a lot, and have just decided not to correct the assumption. But with Jacob, she suggested that I tell him that she was my Madam, instead of my mother. That way, he would know that I was available. I did no such thing - but I did laugh ridiculously hard. He was dangerously cute though, with his Texan accent and great-looking beard. The view in the restaurant was amazing, as it looked right over the water.

Over all, I am absolutely in love with Washington, and the Seattle area in particular. It had been years and years since I've been in the state, and I really want to go back soon! I owe Roberta a HUGE thank you for letting me tag along and taking to me to all the really fun, cool and beautiful places we got to see and I can't wait to go back.

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