Saturday, March 05, 2011

My Stolen Car (a dream)

I had a dream last night that my car was stolen.

If that were the only thing, this would not be a blog-worthy dream. But poor Louise, who was pulling a small trailer with everything I owned in it, was sitting outside our house in Ohio, and I went inside to tell my family something. They weren't home, so I went to the store next to our house for two minutes and when I came back Louise was gone.

I couldn't believe it, because Louise doesn't start on her own. They would have had to hot-wire her. And I even had locked her doors! I figured that because the crime just happened, the cops would be able to help. So I started to dial 911, but my phone wouldn't let me because it wasn't an "emergency", so instead, I kept dialing *699, which was supposed to be dispatch or whoever you call for a non-emergency. I don't think *699 is the correct number for that in real life...

Anyway, I kept dialing, and no one would pick up. It would go straight to voicemail, and I swear the rest of the dream I was frustrated with the fact that no one would pick up on the end of this line. And every once in a while, I would hear a "hello, how can I help you?" but then the line would go static.

I started to investigate my stolen car myself. There were witnesses who said that the people living in the white brick duplex (which doesn't actually exist on my street in real life) were the ones who had taken it, but no one knew where they took the cars they stole. They were apparently well-known car thieves. I went snooping around the house, and it was pretty unnerving. Apparently these people were hard core bad guys. But I wanted my car, so I kept looking for a clue.

Then somebody shouted, "There she goes!"

And in the corner of my eye, I see Louise pulling her trailer flying down the road and turn the corner. It was too far away to follow, and I didn't have a car anyway, but I immediately called the cops again to tell them which direction Louise was headed.

They didn't answer.

I finally found a car and I started to head in the direction I had last seen my car. It was a shady part of the neighborhood, and I was certain that I should not be there alone. I kept wishing that the cops would have been more helpful, and I called them again.

Unfortunately, my car ran out of gas and so I walked back to my house where they were creating customized lists of what their "favorites" were on the cable. Everyone wanted the Harry Potter channel, and so we started watching and my dream merged into the TV show.

Whatever movie we were watching had nothing to do with Harry Potter, despite being on that channel. Instead, it was about a family in the early 20th century. It consisted of a father, daughter and son who was gay and clearly in love with the other main character. Only, he didn't want to admit that he was gay. The daughter was feisty and supportive of her brother, but the father only cared about his son helping with the business they ran together.

I don't remember the rest of the show until the end. The costumes were very strange. One time the other guy was wearing a body stocking filled with gum balls. (What does this tell me about my subconscious? It scares me a little bit.) Finally the boys declare their love for each other. They are standing at the doorway, each in a house that are across the street from each other. They're across the street, but they are talking as though they are face to face and one is holding a flashlight to his back.

I'm back watching the TV and Brad and Amy are sitting right next to me. I close the cupboard that the TV is sitting in and tell Brad that he shouldn't probably watch the next part because I'm sure he doesn't want to see what is inevitably going to happen. He tells me that I'm being dumb, and we should just finish the movie.

The end of the movie had the two guys bear hunting and cuddling by the campfire, with another man frozen and in a glass box behind them.

I have no words. I wonder whatever happened to Louise?

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