Friday, September 23, 2011

Have you voted???

Do you see this design? The one I worked on for a few hours and was terribly proud? Well, this image is for a contest and it's not doing so well. And it's up against poor resolution, botched photoshop jobs that just happen to be on cooler objects than a button. (And then there are some good designs, that are actual competition.)

Yeah, I put this on a button, and people aren't voting for it. Dang it!

*I'm trying not to be petty and let it bother me too much that while the others' text is written out on some of the others, my "Emma Delagardie Grand Inquisitor for Poetic Excellence" was not mentioned. Nor was the fact that the loose file could be used on ANY image. It doesn't have to be just a button. Since this was mentioned for a few of the other files, I feel a little gypped and sabotaged. But that's why I have such wonderful friends who will get on here and vote ---- riiiiiight??!

So, if you haven't logged on to Lauren Willig's website, and voted for #17 as your favorite, DO IT! Please. And thank you. And then tell all your friends. Use all your email accounts. Etc. Etc.Voting ends on Monday, so don't put it off.

Click here:
and leave a comment with #17 as your #1.

Thank you for those that have already voted -- some of you are fast. Thank you!!!

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