Friday, September 09, 2011

J Dawgs

Photo Copyright - J Dawgs website
I think most people that live in Provo know the name J Dawgs. Students who spend a lot of time on BYU campus have probably eaten there a time or two -- some admittedly eat there more than they should.

I was never one of those students.

I didn't have a typical BYU Freshman year experience in the dorms and dining plus. I heard of J Dawgs, but I think it took me a good two years before I knew where the stand actually was. And once I knew, I still didn't go.

After seven years of living in Provo, I can finally say that I've had a J Dawg. They catered our ward opening social last night.

Their buns are good. Their dawgs are good. And the sauce is good.

I guess I can see why people like them.
I wasn't particularly blown away, or anything.

But then I checked out their website... .their website is sweet.


  1. You never had a JDawg before? How is this possible? Why did Jo and I not take you with us? How can you seriously think they are just good? Do you not like hot dogs? I think that is the only way in which these dogs would fall under "good." A hot dog hater would call these "good." The rest of us (shameless hot dog lovers), realize these are delicious in the simplistic world of processed meat and soft white buns.

    Oh, how I miss JDawgs. The other appeal is I can go and spend $3, be completely satisfied and they actually can generally fill me up. (I'm not sure there's any other place that leaves me so satisfied for 3 bucks--making them even more desirable in my book!)

  2. yeah can't say that I was a fan. But then again I don't like hot dogs. I love a good corn dog though which is odd. Usually people either like hot dogs and don't like corn dogs or vise versa. I wonder how many people our there are just weiner lovers in general and don't care how they are prepared....


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