Friday, September 02, 2011

HELP! Asking for Advice on: Hair

This week's poll brought to you by my impatience and restlessness with my hair. I've put the poll on the left hand side of my blog, please take a minute and let me know what you think I should do.

I've been growing out my hair for a long while now, and it's gotten to the point where I am sick of it. It isn't full and pretty like I imagined it to be. It take forever to dry. If I try to curl it, it goes flat. If I straighten it, it goes frizzy.

I miss the ease of shorter hair, and so I think I'm ready to head back to a haircut similar to what I had in April of last year. (The last time I really cut my hair.)

Ok, ok. I admit, that sometimes it looks cute when it's long. But that is why I'm putting it out there for everyone else to make this all-important decision for me. Now that summer is over, and pony tails have lost their appeal... I need a change.

Just a reminder of what it looks like short.


  1. I love giving comments on hair.

    I think you should cut it to your shoulder. It would look so cute. I didn't know you back then, but the picture is a cute style. Fall is the perfect time to make a change like that.

  2. It does look really cute in the pic, and if it's easier I say go for it. I usually prefer short hair because then I actually style it and wear it down. In fact, I only ever want long hair when I've been in Utah too long (all those big hair utah barbie's seep into my conscience making me wish my hair looked like theirs).

  3. I'm commenting because you helped me out with my decision - I think definitely go shoulder length. It will look awesome every day.


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