Thursday, September 01, 2011

Island in the Sun

Tonight I went up to Salt Lake to have a final dinner with my cousin Chloe, as she heads to Florida this weekend to begin a new adventure. I grabbed our friend Jared and we met at La Hacienda, a favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. Unfortunately for us, it was closed. Fortunately, though, Jared loomed outside long enough to talk to the owner who took pity on us and sent us to a closer La Hacienda in Draper, promising to call ahead and tell the manager that we were to get 50% off our meal.

The food was delicious -- as it always is -- and on our way back, watching the final glimpses of daylight disappear from the western horizon, my hair whipping across my face, Island in the Sun by Weezer started to play on the radio.

We were in a Jeep, and the top was off and the doors removed. It was hot, but not sweltering. The open road, open sky and the moon was available to be seen all around us. I wish I had the eloquence to describe the touch of teals and golds, and the perfectly shaped crescent moon, which looked larger than normal.

I was with people I care about, enjoying the weather, enjoying the view and loving the experience.

It was a pretty perfect moment.

And I really just love that song.

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