Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Big News

I went to a wedding tonight for the brother of an old friend from Ohio. I'm not sure that I ever spoke to Jesse in my life, but I wish him every happiness in his marriage... and I still have never spoken to him. I did however have fun running into people that I haven't seen in YEARS. And seeing their families and all the cute babies (which, I held and helped put to sleep, and cuddled....It was great).

Now, I've lived on my own out here at BYU for 5 years. And for 5 years, not many people have asked me about my dating life or the big, "When are you going to get married?" question. But I guess that now I'm 24 and unmarried, I am simply an old maid. Maybe they all feel like they've given me long enough and now it's time for a little bit of pressure?

"So - when are we going to hear your big news?" This former-member of the Stake Presidency (of the DOE Stake) asked.

"My big news?" I replied, knowing exactly what he was implying. "I'll be graduating in April. So I'm pretty excited about that," I say.

His wife laughs, but he is resilient. "I see that you've brought a nice guy to the wedding," he points to James. James... the brother of my brother. The friend who has been around so long, he might as well be my brother. He practically is. After all, I call his Mum and Dad "Mother and  Father," and they call me their "Fifth daughter." So, no. Not James. I don't even think James liked the implication.  We try to change the topic, but as he heads out the door, he adds, "Well, we'll be listening for the news."

While home for Christmas, my Uncle decided that it was my New Year's Resolution to get married. Apparently 2010 is MY year.

Well, truthfully, I don't think it is. I'll be focusing on 1) Getting out of my house and into the aforementioned trash hole and 2) finishing stats, so that I can actually do something with my life. Like...breathe. That will be so nice.

I think once I've accomplished those two things - everyone will agree with me - that will be BIG ENOUGH news. Regardless, I am going to start keeping track of those people who really want me to get married - the ones that bring it up or harass me. "Why?" You ask. Well, It's just that, when I DO get married, I will expect the biggest gifts from them. After all, they are the ones that are so desperate for me to marry. (Really, though, I wonder if it is just for lack of anything to talk about. We haven't seen each other in years, so they might as well ask about my non-existent relationship status, because who knows whether or not it has changed or if it about to change. After all, that is what I always want to know about - of course, my curiosity is wholly due to the fact that I like romance. And I like love. And I like to hear all the mushy, gooey details of it all. I'm not offended by anyone who want to know "when" or "who" or "if" I'll be married. I just think it is funny at how insistent they all are.)

Anyway, I am working on the first two priorities. Somewhere after that is more writing. Maybe I will even start pursuing in an active way getting my book published. Of course, my manuscript has been stolen. So... I'll need to be getting that back. Or something.

Until then, you will all be reading about my phony engagements. Because I think they are fun.


  1. (Gasp!) You blog?

    I had no idea!

    I used to be a better blogger. Now I make excuses, like about being too busy...and instead, I still procrastinate doing homework by reading other people's blogs instead of posting on mine. Yeah. That works. Riiight.

    Anyway. I was thinking of you and wanted to say hi, and I still think we should do something sometime because I miss having you in my life. That's all.

    Also, guess what, my sister says that after you're married, people start asking you for your big news about having babies. (" guys about ready to start a family?" "So! Any big news?" "Are you planning to start having kids soon?" etc.) So. Eh. It's not like getting married will fix anyone wanting The Big News. They'll just want different Big News.

    We need to have, like, an OMNI reunion, I think.


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