Thursday, February 04, 2010

More Tales from Work

While eating at Stumpy Burger for lunch today [Which, consequently, makes some of the best burgers and worst milkshakes in Provo. Just so you know.], we noticed that we were sitting across the only (?) bar in Provo - Atchafalaya - and my boss (who also bought our lunch today!) went into a story about how when he was younger he had stopped in the bar during the time when BYU was hosting the NCAA national track meet, and so it was packed, and some guy picked a fight with him as he was walking out.

I learned a few things from this story.

  1. The big, burly man will always pick on someone he knows he can take. Don't make eye contact. Walk away - in the other direction.
  2. Fighting on Center Street in Provo is big trouble. Take it to the alley.
  3. Always have enough cash money in order to pay bail. And don't throw your receipt at someone who makes you mad. You may need it later. 
  4. Somehow, your boss is going to find out.
You see, apparently the laws are pretty strict in Provo about fighting on Center street. And if you get caught, you will go to jail. And even if you have enough money to pay your bail - you're still required to spend a few hours in the slammer. Once you've completed your time, you'll need bail money and if you pay in cash, they'll give you a receipt and charge you again later. So when the ticket arrives in the mail, if you threw your receipt at your wife, you'll have to pay again. Apparently Provo P.D. doesn't keep written records anywhere. Just so you know, fighting on Center street isn't a cheap ticket. You don't want to pay that twice.

Honestly, I thought this whole thing was hilarious. After all, my boss is an awesome guy. These are the types of stories I would think to hear from my managers at IHOP.  Not at KMA. Regardless, they are hilarious and I wish you could have been there to listen to him tell the story. He makes it sound like it was yesterday - but we're fairly certain it least ten years ago. Who knows? Maybe he spent the night in the slammer last weekend (just kidding).

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