Monday, February 01, 2010

Hey, Hay HEy! (I'm engaged! Scenario #2)

His name is Adam.

We met at my new ward the first time attended. He really caught my attention with the very first thing he said to me: "Are you a freshman, too?"

I didn't realize it at the time, but that was his plan for luring me into his trap.

His being young doesn't intimidate me. It just means that I will have to put in my time as a Suga-Mama. My great job will hardly support both of us, but as a married couple he should be eligible for grants and loans through the federal government.

He's also from Utah and likes to visit home - a lot. I always knew I wanted to marry a Mama's boy. I think maybe he sees a lot his mother in me. It must be why we are so compatible.

I'm sure I will very much enjoy my time picking up after him, making him Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast and maybe we'll even hit up the arcade.

That is: if I can get him away from the X-box.

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