Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Also, did anyone remember that it was Valentine's Day yesterday?

I think I had mostly forgotten. After all, the pointless day* landed on a Sunday anyway, so if you were worried about that, then you celebrated on Friday (like I did) or Saturday (like I avoided everyone else doing) and then completely forgot about the fact that there were people celebrating...

*You're wondering why I call it pointless? Well, I've jumped on the band wagon that the majority of men have jumped on that claim that it is a commercialized day that is made up to make people buy things / women to torment and schmooze gifts out of their boyfriends. If it were meant to be a day to celebrate your love - why do you need a day to do it? Why can't you celebrate your love everyday? Shouldn't you shower your loved one with gifts and chocs and sweets and most importantly "I love yous" without a day on the calendar to remind you? And besides, don't you think that the stuffed animals, ugly red hearts filled with cheap chocolate and the ugly shades of reds, pinks and purples (all gay colors, mind you...) are a little tacky? I certainly do. And that isn't just because I've never had a boyfriend on Valentine's day. Don't mistake me...if some future significant other spends money on any of the aforementioned items - I'd probably kill him.

So you're wondering why and how I celebrated after that little tirade? Well - I went a-mocking "Single Awareness Day" by dressing up in my very best sweats, ugly tie-dyed t-shirt, but my hair in the highest pony tail I could manage and snuck a pint (?) of pistachio ice cream into the theater so I could watch Valentine's Day with some of my best girlfriends. The movie was mediocre, and I don't ever recommend anyone eating THAT much ice cream in one sitting (it will probably make you sick...). But it was still REALLY fun.

Still, all of this being said, I still managed to walk away from Valentine's Day with a non-lousy box of chocolates. One would say they were down right tasty... in fact, more than one person did say they were amazing because I shared with A LOT of people and they all thought they were magnificent. And homemade by this guy.

 Thanks, William.

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  1. Those chocolates look absolutely amazing, which if made by william explains that.

    I'm jealous I couldn't go watch Valentine's Day with you... it would have been fun.

    You know it's funny, this is the first year I've had a boyfriend on valentine's and yeah i don't care as much as i did before... of course we're also in different countries. We enjoy sending sappy notes random days of the year, which is awesome, but it's also kind of nice to have a day where he puts extra thought into his note. I'm going to check your blog every valentine's from now on to see if you ever change your tune. Who knows? You may be a sucker for flowers and sappy love notes after all... especially if it's accompanied by a hot make out against a wall ;)


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