Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Birthday A-Mong-Yong!

I just wanted to wish my sister and her adorable not-quite-a-baby-anymore baby a happy birthday! I love these two to death, and I only wish I were there to celebrate with them.

Kelsie is in her terrible twos, but she's so dang funny about it, that who can begrudge her this milestone? Of course, I live over 1,500 miles away, and so all I get to hear are cute stories about her and her cute little voice in the background whenever I call.

I do not often hear Amy's cute little voice in the background. She is not in her terrible twos, but she is dealing with Edison (community college) and all the stress that comes with being a student and working mother.

But I just wanted to let them both know how much I love them! I hope you have a great day, Amy, and that you and Kelsie party it up all day - even if you are barricaded in the house because of the freakish amount of ice out there.


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