Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cardiac Partiac - Valentine's Day Celebration

Some people think that if you are single, you should probably be doing a lot of this:

But some of us didn't like that idea... so we decided to throw a party. For future reference, I should not be allowed to plan parties. They get expensive and about five cake mixes too many, and suddenly your house is overrun with cupcakes and frosting and melted chocolate chips. And some white chocolate chips that didn't melt. In my head, I see extravagant get togethers. And even though, rationally, I know that I won't be able to pull it off, and not everyone that I invited is going to show up... I still have this desire to over-prepare.

Still, Cardiac Partiac was born, and we were on a mission to bring it to fruition. It took more money, planning and time than we probably anticipated, but in the end - even though it in no way resembled a posh NYC cocktail party, something that you would see in a swanky loft with twinkle lights and non-alcoholic beverages and really, really good music - it was rather successful.

Melissa, Megan and Me
We did manage to have a room with the Wii and food in it. And by food, I mean anything chock full of sugar: M&Ms, lemon cheesecake, Cowtails, Conversation Hearts, Fire Balls, Oreos and chocolate-dipped Oreos, and mini candy bars, and... CUPCAKES. Lots and lots and lots of cupcakes.

Maybe... half of all the sweets and treats we had!
Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Next time, we'll have to make Melissa come shopping with us to make sure I do not buy six boxes of cake mix. Regardless, Single Awareness Day did not drive any of us to actually burying our "sorrows" in booze or anything like that. We danced the night away and celebrated our freedom.

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  1. You are way braver than me. I hate hosting anything, mostly because it forces me to interact in a social form or another. Bleh. Gross.

    So good for you!


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