Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Lamp on My Nightstand

Most the time when you fall, or do something ridiculously embarrassing, the first reaction is to look around and make sure nobody saw you.

You're relieved, at first, if there is no one around and your stumble or blatant fall on your back, lay sprawling on the ground for twenty seconds before you come to fall wasn't actually witnessed by someone. But sometimes, when you literally flew in the air for a good five seconds, you think, "Dang! Someone should have been here to witness that!"

And sometimes it isn't falling at all.

Last night as I was getting comfortable in my bed, my pillow fell back behind my bed, pulling on the cord to the lamp that sits on my nightstand. The cord is stretched pretty tight, and so the pillow pulled it right down off the nightstand, and into my forehead.

It hurt for a second. And I looked around to make sure no one saw. And then I felt like a bigger fool, because of course no one saw, I was laying in my bed, alone. There was a pretty loud crash, and I was more surprised that no one made a comment about the noise. And even more surprised that the bulb didn't go out on the lamp. My forehead stung a bit, but there was nothing I could do about that, so I re-situated the lamp, pulled up the pillows from behind my bed (yes, there was more than one) and went to sleep.

When I woke up this morning, there was...blood. Just a bit, and crusted on my forehead! I couldn't for the life of me figure out how it had gotten there. I knew that I hadn't been picking my face the night before - there wasn't even anything on my forehead to pick! - And then I remembered that stupid lamp.

The thing actually cut me! And made me bleed!

How was no one there to witness it?

Is this a story that is meant for a blog post? Probably not. But really, when your lamp attacks you in the middle of the night, I really feel like someone should be alerted.


  1. You should've taken a picture and included it, so we could see - in a way.

  2. hahahah...oh my goodness are you ok? ok good cause i'm laughing at you! [that would have been my reaction had I witnessed it]

  3. Did you call the police?...'cause really, you need to send a message to this lamp that it is NOT ok. It's just NOT!


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