Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Repentance Test

Another strange dream for me this morning: So, we were at my family reunion in Kentucky. We kept calling it Wesley Woods, but it wasn't the Wesley Woods that I've been going to for 25 years, it was a lot different. Colin, Chloe and me were talking about all the sins that we've committed around a table, in the dark. There were windows everywhere, and I was pretty aware of the rest of my family playing cards and dribbling basketballs in the background. 
Me, Colin and Chloe
We were talking about these "sins" that we've committed in very vague terms, so I have no idea why we all needed to repent, just that we did and for individual reasons.
 It was dark and windy, and the wind picked up and turned into a major storm. There were flashes of lightning and loud booms of thunder. We decided to leave the area... and by area, I mean, the Cullen-like building (lots of metal paneling, glass windows, it was very modern-looking) we were staying in with the rest of my family. 
  More thunder and lightening. As we were walking, we walked into tons and tons of trees, a dark, creepy forest and continued to talk about what we were going to do about the Church.
This hooded figure approaches us and tells us that he knows all about our sins and if we would come with him, he would take us to Salvation.
It was a pretty shady deal, because we all knew that wasn't how repentance worked and we weren't sure if we wanted to repent, so we declined the invite. 
  The place grows darker and red and hazy, and we find out that the hooded man worked for the devil and was trying to drag us down to hell, but since we didn't go, he was angry.  Think Satan stamping his foot at Moses and causing a huge scene. The earth opened up, and we saw the depths of Hell, and we got to walk away from it all.

We continued on our quest, or our wandering or whatever and we come across this tree that has a hollowed how area with a weird tea pot, labeled with things like, "Forgiveness" and "Peace" and obviously openly inviting anyone who found it to drink it. Like Alice in Wonderland, it was screaming, "Drink Me." 
 We figured that if we drank the potion-tea, we would be completely forgiven of our sins and we start debating because again, we know that this isn't the way we were taught to repent, but it seems real convenient to be able to just take a drink of this liquid beverage and hope that it is considered true repentance.Chloe decides that she is going to drink it, but Colin and I were still trying to decide whether or not we even wanted to repent. Colin was especially thinking that he might not be ready to go to church.
  Suddenly, we are flocked by these witches, three of them, and they are very anxious that we take a drink of the tea. Once they call it tea for sure, we're more than suspicious. Because we don't drink tea, and they are really pushing us. Plus, we all know that you can't drink tea and be forgiven of your sins. So we put down the saucers and cups, and walk until we find a padded room.
It's still raining and lightning, and so we sit and we continued to talk about things. Chloe scampered off, and then it was Colin and me and we were just talking really seriously. But  I could only hear the sound of the rain pounding on the roof.
 The door opens, and my Aunt Bonnie is looking for us wondering why we left, and telling us that it's time for our Sunday devotional (that we have every year at Wesley Woods).
Colin and I decide that we are going to come clean, and that we want to repent the proper way. So we stand up and open the door right when a HUGE flash of lightning hits the same time that thunder rings loud and I woke up.

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