Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Night

For Oscar night, I got red carpet ready and curled my hair. And curled it again. And again. And after five or six times, it looked like this and I was ready to go.

By the time I left the house, half of my hair was flat again, but I still felt ready for the red carpet, so I left it and when to go see my friends Aaron and Mathieu.

After a couple of hours, and a MAJOR coughing attack, I no longer looked red carpet ready. Rather, I looked more like a druggie going through major withdraw symptoms, and a little bit homeless. The medicine had worn off and the cough had come back with a vengeance! It was humiliating.

I looked like this:

Flat hair, puffy and red-rimmed eyes, a sore throat and it's too bad I didn't wait to take the picture before I wiped the mascara that had run down the sides of my cheeks from my eyes tearing up so bad. Good grief, what a mess!

I had Melissa call some friends that live down the street to give me a blessing, and then I climbed in my bed and tried to fall to sleep.

The coughing wouldn't let me rest entirely. Instead, I had to wake up every hour on the hour with a reminder that I had taken all the codeine in my possession and DayQuill just wasn't going to cut it.

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