Friday, January 29, 2010


I've read bits and pieces of this whole controversy with Late Night and Coco vs. Leno throughout the last few weeks, but since I don't watch late night TV (or I do, just not these shows) often, I didn't really know everything. I've never been a Leno fan - especially after attempting to watch his horrible earlier show. The only thing I've ever liked from him were those clips from the newspapers...and really, isn't it the newspaper that was funny, not Leno?

Anyway, I've always like Conan O'Brien more. I think he is funnier. I like his sense of humor. And now I like him even more as we see how much of a humble - just over all good guy he is. (I've embedded a video below here... you'll probably have to go to my ACTUAL blog to see it. Click here to do that.)

In other news, I work across the street from a bakery and just watched a really fat man help his really fat wife get into their car after sharing a few doughnuts - or a dozen. Who says chivalry isn't dead?

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  1. I've always watched Conan and have always liked him. I'm sad to see him go, but glad he was classy about it on his last show.

    Also, I love the guys at your work. I wish I worked there too, and have the good fortune of hearing them talk about each other's junk. That's amazing. Why am I not a male?


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