Friday, April 09, 2010

Dating Friends

There is a practice that is accepted by some and widely shunned by others. I am an enthusiastic supporter of. it, though. I don't understand why there are so many people around here that think that when they go on a date, it has to be with a potential spouse. If they don't think they are going to end up marrying the person, then they don't want to go out with them. But that is just lame.

Friends make the best dates. You already know that you like the person. You know that you will be able to talk about anything with that person. You are basically guaranteed a fun night. I have one such friend that I go out with on occasion, and every time I come home I think, "Man, I just love him." Not in a, "man, I wish he would drop to one knee and take me to the temple," love, but in a... I just have a freaking good time with him every time we are together. Conversations range from anything to silly to serious. We take turns paying for each other. We laugh it up and make awesome jokes and dwell on inside secrets that we have with each other.

So why are there so many who reject this practice? I really can't figure it out. I was talking to another one of my friends who had said that when their parents attended BYU, everybody took a date to everything. They would find a date to go to a fireside, for a walk, on a picnic, out to dinner, up to the canyon for a bonfire... any social activity required a date. But just because they were taking dates to everything, it didn't mean that they were anticipating marrying each guy/girl they took with them. They were just going to have a good time and get to know a friend a little bit better.

I think we should re-engage this practice. Friend dates don't have the same pressures as other dating does. And it's usually cheaper. I've always liked the idea of pairing off guy-girl to every event, and I think that all social activities should be equally balanced. But I went to a dance party a few weeks ago, and it was a complete... fine I'll say it.... sausage fest. None of the guys had brought dates (not that I was complaining, it's just an observation. Though I did think it was really weird that there was a roomful of guys dancing with other guys. I know now you are wondering if I was at a gay bar or something. But I don't think that was the case. It definitely wasn't a bar. It was a house in Provo....) Had they brought their friends, that were girls, it would have been a more balanced evening.

I don't think this thought is sounding as coherent as I want it to sound. I've just been thinking about how lame it is when I hear that guys are sitting at home playing Xbox or doing homework all weekend long. Take a few hours and GO ON A DATE. Even if it is with your best girl pal who you wouldn't think to kiss in a million years. I should say that while I do support girls asking guys out - I'm typically not party to it - though, it is a lot easier when they are your friend and not some guy that you get all retarded around. I still like the guy to take control, regardless of their regards for me (whether friend or love-interest).

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