Monday, April 19, 2010

Statistical Daydreams

While reading my statistics ebook I am multitasking. A part of my brain is going over the words and reading them (not always giving them meaning, but reading just the same) and then imagining different things.

Things like my chair sliding out from under me causing me to fall and hit my head - hard - on the wood floor.

Or running outside and playing in the road, only to be hit by the bus that passes in front of the Provo bakery every 15 minutes.

And sometimes it is just imagining me sticking my fingers in electrical sockets, or shaving my head or lighting my shoes on fire.

My favorite stat-daydreams are the ones where I am reading my last chapter, the final bit of information that I need in order to take the final. The fact that I am nearly finished and to be done with it as soon as possible. I imagine that for some reason my brain kicks into super-understanding and stats just clicks for me, and I have no problems whatsoever finishing the second half of the course. I finish it by the end of the week and I am free.


Oh, to be free! Unfortunately, that really is just a dream. Because I really don't understand statistical inference and confidence intervals. I have no idea what a chi-square is. I don't want to learn about t-tests. (Oh, how I DREAD t-tests!)

All of this is making me nauseous. And yes, I am procrastinating by blogging about it. Maybe my chair really will roll out from under me, crack my head open and then make me smarter. Or at least unconscious for a second. A nap sounds nice.

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