Thursday, September 09, 2010


Thaifoon has long been one of my favorite restaurants in Utah. My first visit was a business dinner when I worked at Novell. I got the Pad Thai, as it is almost always a safe choice, and tried some of the different appetizers and they were all really good. And that's what I have stuck with the few other times I've gone. I really like the atmosphere. It's dark and there is a water wall and cloth napkins... the music left a little something to be desired.

Last night, William and I went up to Thaifoon to celebrate his birthday and I decided to branch out. William ordered the Bankgkok Duck and I had the Mahi Mahi. Our server (who was fantastic) was kind enough to point out that the "crusted" part of the Mahi Mahi meant that it was fried, and I opted out of that. We had edamame for an appetizer.

Best. Dinner. Ever.

Everything was really good, but the Mahi Mahi was particularly delicious. The rice was so good and complimented the fish and I loved the little kick that the citrus-chili sauce had. I think I could eat it everyday.

It was our first experience with duck, which tasted pretty good but was a little too fatty for me. The duck salad was really yummy, though.

Because it was William's birthday, we also got a free dessert, and he chose what I think was probably the best choice on the menu. The Banana Caramel Spring Roll.... it was a perfect blend of flavors and texture. I didn't like the vanilla bean ice cream, but William ate that. And the rest of it was soooooo good. William even ate the mint leaf.

After dinner, I was stuffed. So we walked around Gateway and watched The Switch. I was expecting it to be like Big Daddy - read: funny - but it wasn't at all what I expected. I still haven't decided if I liked it. Though, I can probably say that I won't ever watch it again. The little boy in the movie was super adorable, though.

Overall, a top night. Happy Birthday, William.

Mmmm.... I'm eating the leftover edamame right now, wishing I had saved some Mahi Mahi for today's lunch.


  1. Hi Shelli,

    I'm Christina and I work for Thaifoon's corporate office. I stumbled upon your blog and am VERY excited to hear about your attitude toward Thaifoon! We always love to hear feedback from customers and reach out to those who mention us on the net!

    We'd love to see you back at Thaifoon soon. Please send me an email so I can hook you up with some freebies!

    Thanks again!


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