Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Nap Dreamin'

Meghan tells me all the time that I need to go and see a doctor for my box problems, among other things. She goes and sees doctors a lot, so she knows all about them and referred me to a man that worked in this huge corporate office. When I got there, Meghan came in for my appointment and was busy handing out the many tests that she thought the doctor should be administering. And all these weird paper covers, even though I never removed any clothing, and the covers wouldn't have prevented anyone from seeing anything. Paper covers like a vest thing and one the size of a small washcloth with a hole in it... moving on.

The doctor and Meghan were up to something fishy that relied on them sneaking information from one spy to the next and during my appointment, I was able to go and help. We sneaked down to the lobby of this huge building, exchanged strange looks to this young, pretty receptionist with a side pony, and then as she got up to leave her desk, she dropped her pen. The good doctor was able to pick the pen up for her, offer it back and somehow in between it all, he had switched pens. On the way back to his office, they hopped on a secret elevator that was behind the regular elevator. Of course, I was not agile enough to make it on the secret one, and I rode it mostly dangling from the edge, managing to pull myself up just before the wall cut me in half.

When we got back to his office, the doctor recorded the necessary information, and then it was time to return the pen to the evil lady. Apparently the bomb information was written on a paper inside the pen. They were going to bomb the hospital - where we were, and we needed to evacuate everyone.

I was put in charge of returning the stolen information, so I went back downstairs into the lobby and into a little glass office where I ran into a small Peruvian cleaning woman who was crying in the middle of a puddle in the corner bathroom of the office. She told me how she was going to get in a lot of trouble, and how she wasn't allowed to speak to me and how she had a bulbous nose. I told her that she did not, in fact, have a big nose - it was quite small, and I told her it looked like a small tulip. (?) She smiled at that, and I helped her to her feet. I was just about to return the stolen information when the owner of it returned to her office and asked what I was doing.

"I can't believe I ran into my old friend!" I said, giving the maid a hug. "I haven't seen her in so long, and I was just giving her my number," I quickly tried to write on her arm, but it was dry and cracked and I only made it to 937 before I gave up, replaced the pen and told the cleaning woman that we needed to go.

When we left, it was suddenly not a bomb that we were worried about, but they had learned to anticipate large earth quakes, and we were in for a BIG ONE. Unfortunately, we were also standing outside the hospital where an LDS temple was the neighbor.

I stood across the street from the temple, wishing that the cleaning lady and I were endowed so that we could go in. People were pouring into the temple, and I knew that was the safest place to be, but I also knew we couldn't go in. So we started looking for another way out. Somehow, we ended up in the parking garage, and then had to run for our lives as the parking garage began to collapse all around us. People were being squashed under the massive amounts of concrete. Including my cleaning friend.

I ran back to the doors of the temple, looking in, knowing I would be safe there. Finally, a worker came out, he was praying, asking the Lord to forgive him for desecrating His holy house, and then opening the doors to all her were seeking refuge. They asked us to stay in the lobby, but then eventually gave people to wander around at will. I made my way into a small theater room, where my friend Tyler sat watching the video that they supposedly show during a session. (However, I know for a fact that this is not the film they show, as it had chariactures of Adam using Eve as a speedboat trying to get her pregnant and the video was talking about polygamy and having many, many babies... moving on.)

When the temple workers realized that I was watching the video, they turned it off and told me that the earthquake was about to begin. I went back towards the doors and stood next to Muslims, of all things, and we watched as the hospital collapsed all around us from the tremors. The temple held strong. We didn't feel anything.

There were still people on the outside, refusing to come into the temple, and the building, parking structure and bridgeways fell onto the people and crushed them. There was so giant split in the earth, which we were happy about. But the news showed cars who were out seeking the danger and driving over the shockwaves, celebrating when they made it out alive.

The earthquake was over, and I felt guilty for being in the temple, so I tried to go out, and when I did, I was told that once I left, I would not be allowed back in. I wanted to find my family, and so I opted to go out. Minutes later, the second wave of earthquake began, and it didn't matter which way I ran, I was in danger of being crushed by concrete.

I was truly terrified for my life and pouring sweat as I ran and continued to run, cursing my stupidity and leaving the temple when I should have stayed.

I was just about to be crushed by falling concrete cell phone went off and I was pulled back into reality where I sleeping in the sun, with heavy down blankets on me, sweating. Whoa.

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  1. Well, your dreams are just as weird as mine... but I think you remember more detail. :)


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