Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inspiring Video - Gianna Jessen

This is an amazing speech from a female preacher named Gianna Jessen. She was supposed to be aborted in a late stage abortion and but survived the saline injection while in utero, it handicapped her - but she was able to overcome and the only real evidence of her handicap is that she walks with a slight limp. This video comes from 2008 and she's speaking to Australian Parliament about abortion, and really, about her testimony of God. The video I watched was 16 minutes long and the whole thing was really good, but I couldn't actually find it to post. I did find a video that included my favorite part.

"For a brief moment, I would like to speak to the men in this room... MEN: You are made for greatness. You are made to stand up and be men. You are made to defend women and children, not stand by and turn your head when you know murder is occurring and do nothing about it. You are not made to use women and leave us alone. You are made to be kind and great and gracious and strong and stand for something...

"WOMEN: You are not made for abuse. You are not made to sit and not know your worth and your value. You are made to be fought for. Forever.

"So now is your moment. What sort of people are you going to be? I trust incredible. I trust, men, you will rise to the occasion... you are made for greatness, set your politics aside. You are made to defend what is right and is your moment. What sort of man do you want to be? A man obsessed with your own glory or a man obsessed with the glory of God? It's time to take a stand...God will assist you. God will be with you."

She mentions that this is something that is never done, but really it sounds like something you hear in General Conference every six months. Only, she doesn't have the "Relief Society voice."

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  1. First off, I liked your post about the basketball tryouts. Few are honest about their lives and especially on blogs, so that was refreshing.

    Second, I didn't even know they made teacup pigs. Really? Why? Smaller bacon? I'm confused.

    Third, Goodreads confuses me. I think I'm a member? Not sure. Either way, it seems difficult to master the site.

    Fourth, I might have a below average IQ.


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