Saturday, September 11, 2010

In Ute Country

I had the opportunity to cross enemy lines today and see how things are done in the heathen country up north. The Utes are brutal. It doesn't matter that the BYU vs Utah game isn't until November, the Utes take every chance they get to berate and condemn BYU.

Like harassing the city cops who are directing traffic, simply because they are wearing blue.

Scenes like this were not uncommon. At the tailgate party we attended before the game, I head of a story about a guy bringing a stuffed cougar (toy) and pulling it on a string while the tailgaters spit on it and threw things on it, stomped on it and then, ultimately, it wound up being set on fire.

That's probably not the greatest idea, simply because it was probably a lot of intoxicated over-zealous fans playing with fire. I don't think I've seen so many people drinking in Utah at one time until today. Even I had to join in on the fun! KIDDING. (Gosh, Mom and Dad!) The brats were soaked in beer, though. Anyway...

The point is that the entire stadium was full of people ecstatic every time the announcer game an update on the BYU vs. Airforce game (BYU lost...badly). I'm trying to remember if BYU does that at their games when the Utes are losing. Do the Utes lose? I think they're pretty good...moving on. Also, while walking back to the car, you would hear random outburst of "BYU SUCKS!" and accompanying cheers. It was ridiculous, in a hilarious sort of way.

The game was fun. And hot! We were on the side of the stadium where the sun was hitting us for the entirety of the game. The other side of the stadium, I am pretty sure, were all shivering to death. But whatever... I'm burnt on the half side of my face. And I'm almost positive my eyeballs are sunburned, too.

We did have good seats, though, despite the sun. They were really accessible, and we didn't have a hard time getting out - of course, that may have to do with the fact that half the spectators left before the game was over because Utah was trouncing UNLV... it wasn't much of a game. It would have been worse if U of U had actually played well... Whatever. The score was 38 to 10. As I said, not much of a game.

Now... this gentleman - yes, the one with the cane and KFC beard - was just your stereotypical University of Utah fan. Showering his neighbor (with what I assume is spittle) he would remind the defense to "CREAM THE KICKER!" and encourage the fans to "MURDER THE UMPS!"

Now, I'm all for a good quarterback sack - and we got a few, thanks to Old McDonald, I think - but MURDERING is a little bit out of control at a football game. Or maybe that's just how our brothers from the North roll...

This guy heard that I might be a graduate from BYU, and this is what I got...

A half-bird
Now, I was wearing the typical Red/Black/White combination seen on 99% of the Utah fans. But don't worry... I am not that much of a traitor. I may not have school spirit for BYU, but I do know who the real winners are!

No one seemed to notice that I wasn't wearing Utah attire. Go BUCKS!
I had Brad updating me on the game the whole time.


  1. UNLV never claimed to be good at football... in fact I don't think I ever attended a game where they won, but since I only attended about one game a year, that's not saying much.

    UNLV however is a GREAT basketball school. :)

    Go REBELS!!

  2. This post is amazing. I had my experience of playing in the BYU Marching Band at Rice-Eccles Stadium and had some lovely door items and profanities thrown my way while on the field.


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