Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Administrative Professional's Day

I read a webpage somewhere that recommended a boss celebrate Administrative Professional's Day because his admin/secretary/assistant looks forward to it as much as an anniversary or birthday.

I kind of laughed at that, because the majority of us know that as an admin, the day probably wouldn't be celebrated without a little bit of probing and subtle (or not-so-subtle) reminders. Or maybe it is just like that in my office where I am mostly the only girl at work.

Regardless, I was surprised when Peggy waltzed in with a little gift. She got me something last year, too, but this year I wasn't as pushy about the reminders and the office is almost empty today. So I didn't expect anything.

The vase is beautiful! And I love tulips (there are a few in the arrangement). I hate having to draw attention to this day and say "GIVE ME PRESENTS!" But... I love presents! And it is nice to feel like an appreciated member of the team. I am really grateful for my job and where I have been working for the last year and a half.


  1. Happy Administrative Professional Day from on Admin to another. My boss sent me some pretty flowers and some really great chocolates!

    I didn't even have to prod him, which I'm not even sure I could do since it's really just us and a few trainers. :D

  2. Wow! The flowers really are beautiful. I think that is what is missing most from my own job; that of being appreciated. So, way to go Peggy, your gift says so much.
    Employees would be so much more vaulable if their efforts were applauded and they were given some positive encouragement to improve. In stead, what do you think you get after 10 years of "what you have done isn't quite good enough, but here is some more to do."
    Anyway Shelli, I am sure you are great in the office at where you work!


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