Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chez Peep

Entering Chez Peep
" Écouter Welcome to Chez Peep, the finest restaurant for the most fashionable Peeps this season."
I am Rene Petit, and will be your waiter this evening.
We are delighted to offer several specials this evening. Master Phillipe has already decided. Unfortunately, his wife Marguerite is quite indecisive.
Indecisive she may be, but she is certainly one of the most fashionable ladies here this evening. You would do well to introduce yourself to her before you leave.
Marguerite's brother-in-law, Monsieur Laroche has also joined us this evening. He is very well-liked, and I think that you will agree, has the finest taste out of everyone here - whether it be food or style, he is someone to be emulated. 
His wife, on the other hand, wouldn't know style if it clipped her wings. That purple pom-pom on her head is so last season! If only she had followed Mademoiselle Aimee, and worn the pom-poms around her waist, she would be more in style. Honestly, I don't know how Mr. Laroche puts up with the vulgarity. I might add, Phillipe is looking rather dashing. (I hear that Madam Laroche has been trying to get her beak in to Phillipe for some time, but he is absolutely enamored with his own wife, that he has not noticed. It is really, rather sweet. But as I've already mentioned - once his mind is made up, it is made up!
Of course, Monsieur Laroche is well-aware of his wife's attempt at betrayal. Do not fear, he has her well under control. After all, he is the one that knows her favorite dish at Chez Peep!
Mademoiselle Cherie is a favorite, obviously, as she is the daughter of the owner. Her favorite dish is what you see before you. It is a pasta... well, needless to say, something worth trying. But!...
...You shouldn't stand here all day. Please let me escort you to your table.
Au revoir! Please come again!

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